Local Groups Head Passyunk Avenue Clean Up

Passyunk SquareLitter and trash continue to be a problem throughout Philadelphia, especially in the smaller neighborhoods and communities. However, local groups have taken it upon themselves to work toward fixing the problem. One initiative that has made great progress in its quest to clean up has been led by the Passyunk Avenue Revitializaion Corps. A local non profit real estate development firm, the PARC leads the Passyunk Avenue Corporation Neighborhood Sidewalk Cleaning Program. This program runs in coordination with the East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District and is managed by ABM Janitorial Services.

The primary focus of these efforts are on East Passyunk Avenue from Federal Street to Broad Street.  Passyunk Avenue is victim to the carelessness of passer bys and trash not properly bagged. This commercial corridor will be cleaned six days a week, twice per day. In addition, a surrounding residential area, bounded by Ninth Street (east), Snyder Avenue (south), South Broad Street (west), and Federal Street (north), will be cleaned two times a week. See a map of the service area to the right.

Passyunk Square Litter Control

Assigned Residential Areas

  • Zone 1 Tuesday & Thursday (once per day)
  • Zone 2 Wednesday & Friday (once per day)
  • Zone 3 Monday through Saturday (twice a day)
  • Zone 4 Monday through Saturday (twice a day)
  • Zone 5 Tuesday & Thursday (once per day)
  • Zone 6 Wednesday & Friday (once per day)

Local civic associations such as the Passyunk Square Civic Association are also joining this fight against trash by sending out employees to aid. PSCA Neighborhoods not being covered by the PARC in the above listed zones get cleaned almost daily.

Trash only brings more trash. As business and traffic only grow as Passyunk Square and the Avenue become more of a sought out destination, hopefully community members and visitors alike will start seeing a difference. What can you do? Bag trash properly, set out trash at appropriate times and above all else, don’t litter. Then, maybe the PARC can start focusing on some of their other initiatives such as fountain maintenance and neighborhood greening.

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