New Beginnings in Pennsport & Queen Village

At 108 Titan Street in the Pennsport section of Philadelphia sits a slab of concrete surrounded by metal guardrails. This has been a site for sore eyes for more than a year. Early construction plans included talk of making this plot into homes. Good news… green is on the way! The Community Design Collaborative recently received a grant for the redesign project of Titan Park over the next 6 months. Volunteers and community members are urged to help participate in speeding this process along. Volunteers will have the chance to meet with the Community Design Collaborative two times to discuss design ideas and plans. We look forward to following this project and finally seeing some green grass.. maybe?!

Titan-now2(Image Source:

Just north of Pennsport, over Washington Avenue, Queen Village and Meredith School are proud to announce the first annual Meredith School 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, September 21st. At 9AM, you can join in the community with friends and neighbors and run or walk through the Queen Village neighborhood as well as surrounding areas. There are several ways you can get involved. Become a Sponsor. Show off your kicks and run. Organize a team and walk. You can also participate by being a volunteer. Individual tickets are $35 and all proceeds of this run support Meredith School programs and help preserve the excellence of their students. Find out more details and register here.

Meredith-On-The-Run-jpeg-poster(Image Source:

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