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Green Living on Broad Street

Broad Street has been forever changing and growing. It has been revitalized with the implementation of several theaters, restaurants, schools, hotels, historic sites and more. Each year seems to bring new and bigger projects to Broad Street. A desire to be in center city, close to these attractions has led more young families moving into this area.

Back in 2010, Dranoff Properties completed 777 Broad Street. These luxury apartments brought more than 100 new apartments within minutes walking distance to these Philadelphia attractions. These apartments were known as green living and the first smoke-free apartment dwelling introduced in Philadelphia. Offering retail space on the ground level and a pool on the roof, who would ever want to leave their home dwelling of 777?!

On to the next. Dranoff is bringing you Southstar Lofts.  It will be a six story building that mimics 777 in a sense of commercial space occupying the ground level and garden and roof access. Southstar Lofts will maintain the proposed 2,500 square feet of green space around the property. This space was once occupied by Garden of the Arts and tended to frequently. Vibrant blooms always could be seen peaking through the fences. Well, at least they’re keeping with the ‘green’ theme! 

Photo (2)


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They’re work has started and framing has started to reveal the shape Southstar Lofts. We look forward to seeing the progression of this project. Scheduled occupancy of Spring 2014 doesn’t seem so far away.

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Pop-Up Activities This Weekend

PHS Pop Up Gardens bring environmental and community awareness together. These pop up gardens serve as a meeting ground for locals, visitors, gardeners, beer lovers and all walks of life. This Friday enjoy an afternoon of musical tunes starting at 11am with Philadelphia based band, Ensemble Novo. Starting at 1pm you won’t want to miss the jazz and musical performance “Broadway on Broad” featuring mezzo soprano Alexandra Clint.

On Sunday, wind down with “Natural Craft-a pop up jewelry garden”. Presented by UArts students and alumni, this display will be available all day long with the option to purchase.  Inspired by nature, these jewelry  pieces are to create awareness of jewelry as an art form. This is the third annual pop-up garden in Philadelphia. This public landscape brings horticulture and the arts together. Offering a variety of drink specials and small plates, this garden will be open through October. Events are frequent at the Pop-Up Garden so be sure to check their calendar.

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 12.26.23 PM(Image Source: phsonline.org)

Inspired by the Pop-Up beauty, head over to Dickinson Square Park this Saturday, August 17th. They are holding a one hour long clean up. Racking, weeding and trimming are some activities you may participate in. From 9-10am help your neighbors make this park clean and safe. Can’t make it this time? Head out on Saturday August 24th, same time, same location.

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August 15, 2013 · 5:11 pm

Drag Brigade To Be Included In This Year’s Mummers Day Parade

As the holiday season continues in our city of Brotherly of Love,  the average Philadelphian always looks forward to the Mummers Day Parade. In most cities, New Year’s Eve is the big hurrah and main event. However, here in Philly we do things a tad different. We rev up January 1st for a day full of merriment, drinking, friends, family, and the Mummers.

This year marks a very special parade with the inclusion of some of Philadelphia’s brightest and best drag queens in what will be the first ever Drag Brigade. Ten talented queens were chosen by long time Philadelphia drag power house Brittany Lynn (Ian Morrison out of lashes and heels). Each queen will be leading a brigade they were specifically paired with down Broad Street from Washington Avenue to City Hall early New Year’s Day.  Later that afternoon, each queen will be outfitted to match her assigned brigade and perform a two minute introduction at the Convention Center.

Live Love Philly had the opportunity to ask Morrison, who is performing with the Shooting Stars brigade, a few questions about this revolutionary addition to the parade.

Live Love Philly (LLP): What positive message is being sent by drag culture being included in this year’s Mummers Day Parade?

Morrison: Drag has always been included in the Mummers tradition; however, once women were allowed to participate, drag was no longer a necessity. What’s amazing about this event is that the Mummers are allowing us to form the first “drag brigade”, and to be a regular part of such a mainstream, city wide and televised event. It’s like telling the nation, “Hey, look at our gays!”

LLP: What is special about the ten queens chosen by you to be included?

M: The ten girls I picked were chosen for their professionalism and talents. Each one was specifically matched to the theme of their brigade. They are all amazing at what they do and I give them my full confidence that they are gonna knock this out of the park on New Year’s Day.

LLP: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s parade?

M: I’m looking forward to presenting my drag mafia to the masses. There are literally thousands of people at the convention center ready to cheer on the brigades.  First marching down Broad Street with the String Bands in front of the entire city and visiting spectators, then performing for the masses at the Convention Center, it’s like the city is saying, “Thanks for doing what you do and doing it with us.” That beats Ru Paul’s Drag Race on any day.

The queens joining Brittany Lynn are listed below along the name of their brigade. They are:

Crystal T. Electra – Downtowners

Alexis Cartier – Saturnalian

Mrs. P. – South Philly Vikings

Porcelain – Jokers

Navaya Shay – Golden Crown

Bridget Jones – Clevemore

Cherry Pop – Avenuers

Stella D’Oro – 2nd Street Shooters

Mary D’ Knight – Satin Slippers

After this bevy of beauties are warmly welcomed by all, expect loads of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent at this years historical Mummers Day Parade.

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