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Well Shiver me Timbers, The 2nd Annual Seaport Festival This Weekend.. Arrr.

This Friday-Sunday bring the whole family out to the Independence Seaport Museum (211 S. Columbus Blvd). Between the quaint neighborhoods of Old City and Queen Village, the 2nd annual Seaport Festival is a weekend long adventure that will showcase Tall Ships, arts and crafts, live music, Philly food trucks and other family activities on the Delaware waterfront. Don’t miss the ‘Parade of Boats’ on Friday October 11th from 5-7pm, as they arrive from Penn’s Landing.

Image(Image Source: phillyseaport.org)

You can join in the parade by purchasing tickets to be aboard these ships. Or watch for free at the landing. On Saturday, don’t miss the Pirate Battles, as ships shoot canons back and forth to one another on the river. If this just caught your attention, you can get one step closer to the action by purchasing a ticket to be aboard during these Pirate Battles. To read more information and purchase tickets click here.

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New Townhomes Coming to East Passyunk

i goldberg warehouse east passyunk

Like whoa.

That big old building used to be the I. Goldberg company warehouse. At 13th and Chestnut, I. Goldberg is our fair city’s premier military surplus store. Back in their heydey they owned a warehouse at the corner of 12th and Latona Streets in the heart of East Passyunk.


And now it’s a pile of dirt.

According to our insider sources, the site was purchased for $825,000 in late 2011 and the new owner’s intent is for 12 to 13 townhomes selling in the range of $425,000 each. L&I’s mum on the matter, as are the locals at the watering hole, but QB3 is the listed architect. Rest assured, we will keep you updated with what we can find out when we find out about it.

east passyunk new construction


Now, if only a certain building down the street could see some love…

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Historic Renovation Underway in Society Hill

Live Love Philly got a sneak peak this week into a historic renovation project in the Society Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. 308 Cypress Street will for sure be the buzz of the real estate community at its completion. Being close in proximity to neighborhood gem and Live Love Philly favorite Three Bears Park  will make 308 Cypress even more of a must see for all.

308 Cypress Street

Above: 304 – 312 Cypress Street in 1957.

308 Cypress Street was originally built in 1806. Vacant for the last four years and on the verge of collapse, Old City resident Michael Tomasetti purchased the property in October 2012 promising to bring new life to the dilapadated structure.

308 Cypress Street

Above: 308 Cypress Street today. 

Tomasetti aims to keep the historical architectural integrity to the 207 year old home while adding modern and sophisticated finishes. Construction began two months ago and will be competed by the first week of March.

308 Cypress Street

308 Cypress Street

Above: Construction photos. 

After fully gutting the space, steel beams were added to keep the structure supported and prevent collapse. Star bolting will be added to the structure to maintain stability.

308 Cypress Street

Above: Steel beams in the basement added for support during construction. 

308 Cypress StreetStars seen on the faces of older brick row homes in Philadelphia are not just there for decorative purposes. These stars hold in rods that go through the floorboards three joists back. By securing the front of the house to the floors so far back, it stabilizes and prevents collapse. The photo at right is an example of a star bolt and is not 308 Cypress.

When completed, the three story brick row home will have three bedrooms and two and half baths. A six feet deep addition is being added, taking the property from the current 1600 square feet to 2200 square feet. The basement will be fully finished. There are eight fireplaces in the structure and seven are being retained. One of those seven will be converted into a wine cellar with the other six fully functional.

308 Cypress Street

Above: One fireplace. 

The first and second story original hard wood floors are being reclaimed. This entails taking the board up, putting them back down and then refinishing. The third floor will be the master bedroom suite with a small deck off the rear. There will also be a hardscape patio on the first floor. Tomasetti promises that the yet to be designed kitchen will be high end European and modern. Time period windows are also one more feature that will highlight and celebrate the history to this unique property.

Live Love Philly will be following this project closely, bringing you updates on its progress and showing you the beautiful final result.

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