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Columbus Square Park Now.. and Three Years from Now.

Back in March, Passyunk Square Civic Association received a grant for design services towards Columbus Square Park (13th and Reed). The design services will be a pro-bono project from Community Design Collaborative who’s mission is ‘Strengthening Neighbors Through Design’. This non-profit has worked on several Philadelphia based projects including McCall Elementary School, SOAKITUP! and several more. At that time plans were established to renovate the park. Although the big question remained, would the playing field be part of this new plan?

Columbus Square Park Advisory Council and the Department of Parks and Rec. have met yet once again. After several discussions with designers, don’t expect the final plan anytime soon. One thing has been decided on, the playing field will stay. Woohoo! Talks of making the field smaller were mentioned, but again these plans have a long road ahead.

photo 3

photo 4

(Looking through the entrance gates at 13th and Wharton)

photo 2

(Seating area outside of fenced in playing field. Some of these benches have been painted over recently.)

Some improvements are in need for Columbus Square Park because right now this park seems to be used and abused. Included in some of the initial plans are to enlarge the dog-park area and resurface with dog friendly synthetic grass. Added seating around the park as well as refurbishing the play-ground surface area eliminating the cracked tiles and making this safe for children. A water feature as well as shade veils have also been mentioned in this renovation. While these plans are still being smoothed out, the Community Design Collaborative hopes to have them complete by October.

photo 5

(…others need some lovin’)

photo 1 (2)
photo 2 (2)
photo 3 (1)

(Inside the playground area you can see many of these tiles lifting and splitting.)

photo 2 (1)

(Some have even caved in…)

photo 5 (1)

photo 4 (1)

(Fenced in dog park area looking South. Not a very ‘paw friendly’ surface.)

photo 1 (1)

(‘The Roundhouse’, pretty run down if you ask us. Talks of a concession stand or arts center have been heard. Of course all contingent on the cost.)

Neighbors in this Passyunk Square community voiced and emailed their enforcement for these renovations. All of which felt that improving this park will keep kids out of trouble and create a better neighborhood community. Once these design plans are complete the fundraising begins which is estimated to take about one year.

So, Columbus Square Park, we look forward to seeing your new and improved green in about 3 years.

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Growlers Coming to Bella Vista

The chefs behind Time and Vintage Wine, and the non-Starr part of Dandelion and El Vez, are bringing a new restaurant to the old Vesuvio at 8th and Fitzwater in Bella Vistareports Foobooz. Growlers is its name, and it puts us in a gastropub mood.

The former Vesuvio. Courtesy Foobooz.

Jerry Donahue, recent champ of Yards Brewing’s Smoke ‘Em If Yous Got ‘Em beer-and-BBQ festival, will be the kitchen mastermind behind this new idea.

As opening date moves closer, expect us to have more information!

Mmm beer-flavored barbeque…

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Dickinson Square Park Brings New Life

In July, Dickinson Square Park reopened in the heart of Pennsport. The park was restored using 1.2 million in funds given by numerous entities. This includes the State Department of Conversation and Natural Resources, the City, the Parks and Recreation Department and former councilman DiCicco’s office.* The renovations brought new benches, play equipment, lighting, fencing, game tables, bike rakes, dog waste stations, and paving.  The park serves as an oasis for local families, children, and dogs to come together in a beautiful green space that is safe and sound.

Now, a few months later, Pennsport is beginning to see the ripple effects of positive development and growth that the park renovations brought with it. Surrounding area lots are quickly being bought and converted to new housing. Recently, lots at 1500 – 1502 South 4th Street were quickly acquired after being on the market for less than a month. This pair of lots were bought for $155,000.  Now, foundations are already laid out for what will be two single – family homes that will be put on the market for sale with asking prices between $420,000 and $430,000.

Dickinson Square Park provides one more positive reason why a family should move into these new homes. It’s great to see that hard work and city funds have a lasting impression on a neighborhood that only continues to grow for the better.

Note: Every Saturday in December, Dickinson Square Park will be having Park Clean-Ups at 9:00 AM.

(Courtesy of dickinsonsquare.com)

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