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For Canine Friends and the Community

Philadelphia is considered to be a ‘dog friendly’ city. With many establishments of retail, cafes and hotels allowing your furry friend access inside. Numerous pet supply and doggie salons can be found in our neighborhoods. So why not treat a mans best friend to an hour we all seem to look forward to; Happy Hour.. or in this case I am talking about Yappy Hour.

new-wave-color(Image Source: qvna.org)

Join New Wave Cafe in Queen Village tonight (August 13th) for their 5th Yappy Hour. From 5:30-7:30pm bring your leashed four legged friends and enjoy happy hour dog themed specials, treats and more.

Since we love our dogs so much, its no surprise that we have focused committees for our dogs in order to provide the most fulfilling and pet friendly neighborhoods. QVK9 is Queen Village’s Dog Committee, comprised of local pet owners and any animal lover who is an advocate for dog health and happiness. Yappy Hour was introduced by QVK9’s. You can support QVK9’s by joining in their Scoop The Poop Campaign. After two years of planning, this campaign is finally launching to actively keeping our streets and sidewalks clean of dog waste.

This past weekend QVK9’s were hard at work installing containers specifically placed at high dog traffic areas offering a bag holder with bags for dog waste only. Word is you can sponsor a container, while assuming the responsibility of emptying it regularly. There are about five locations already installed close to Front and South street areas. An additional five should be popping up by this weekend. Here’s a map that qvna.org provided showing us just where to find these dog waste stations.

1077573_584881138231466_909536647_o1(Image Source: qvna.org)

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