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Garden Greens

Looking to get outside and enjoy this breath of fresh air? This weekend you can travel to South Philadelphia and partake in the Garden Tours, a garden and groundscape project by South Philadelphia High School.

This is the third year that the South Philadelphia Food Co-op has held their garden tours. Do you often admire the blooming window boxes you pass on the street? Now you have the chance to stop and stare.

Covering south Philadelphia streets between 11th and 17th, Washington to Snyder you can admire and awe over the various garden skills and green spaces Philly has to offer. Join in the tour and breath the fresh air.

(Image Source: uwishunu.com)

Sponsors including Ultimo, R5 Productions, South Philly Tap room and more all contribute in these tours with refreshments and specials. Purchase a $20 ticket today or $25 tomorrow. Join South Philadelphia Food Co-op from 1-5pm and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

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Ashes in Fabric Row

Over the last several months Fabric Row in Queen Village has seen its share of excitement, and not the kind we like to boast about. A fiery blaze ripped through Jacks Fabrics destroying the entire plot it once called home. Empty remnants can still be seen at their old location of 4th and Fitzwater.

Fabric Row saw firetrucks once again last week when Anh’s Custom Tailors Cleaners caught fire. Not compared in damage to Jack’s but a set back non the less. Most of the building was destroyed and remains unstable, while they were able to preserve their window display. Upper floors of the building saw the most damage with bent siding and broken windows. Since the first floor received minimal structural damage, it wont take long before Anh’s is back up and running. Question is… When and what will occupy that huge hole where Jack’s used to be?

ImageA photo of Fabric Row in the 1920’s 
(Image Source: nakedphilly.com)

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Dilworth House

A brouhaha on Washington Square? Yes indeed–for the better part of a decade now, a major condo proposal has lingered on its east side, behind 1950s-mayor Richardson Dilworth’s former residence, bisecting the two halves of the Athenaeum. This Turchi offering, including an expansion of that storied institution into Dilworth’s house financed by a 15-story Robert Venturi-designed condo structure behind, has caught the attention (and wrath) of preservation advocates, and a long train of Plan Philly stories.

Update: Commonwealth Court upholds Dilworth House appeal

The proposal. Courtesy Plan Philly.

So, as the developer and the community fight one another, the site sits, a minor black hole on the square’s duller east side.

Stay tuned–we will have more information as and when court rulings happen it becomes available!

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Big Changes Coming to Columbus Hall

Beautiful historic Columbus Hall, recently home to Ma Ma Yolanda’s, is getting some big new changes. According to the zoning permit, part of the fire tower is being demolished, with a large 4th floor addition being added to the rear and a roof deck out in front–this is coming as the whole structure is renovated to a nine family dwelling.

Beautiful building

We’re looking forward to the re-use of this grand Bella Vista icon and the potential for this stretch of 8th Street. With the incoming Growlers just a few doors down, gorgeous Cianfrani Park just up the street – one where we’re often known to hang – and hopefully a new coffee shop on the southeast side of 8th and Fitzwater, we’re sure that the people who move here will be more than a little pleased with their surroundings.

Cianfrani Park

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Big New Senior Center Going Up by Italian Market


If you’ve been to the corner of 9th and Washington in the Italian Market lately, you’ll have noticed some wood framing sticking up nearby. Take a turn at Ellsworth, a block south, and there it is.


This extremely large new Italian Market senior center is to be called the Cedars Villa, according to the on-site render. K&A Architecture is responsible for the design, and it will have 64 apartments, 25 parking spaces, a community garden, and did we mention that it’s oh-so-close to the Italian Market? Seriously, if you’re eligible, get over there and check it out, it’s awesome.

As it gets closer to the finish line, expect us to check back in on it every so often!

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Bella Vista Renovation Next to Nebinger

Beautiful Sunny Bella Vista

A renovated rowhome is coming in Bella Vista at 633 Carpenter Street, next door to the Nebinger School, a half-block away from the Santore Branch of the Free Library, and a block away from Washington Avenue. Handled by De Simone Contracting, this renovation is a gut job of the original (ca. 1840s) structure, involving an entirely new façade and a vastly improved third story.

We’ll keep you informed as we get more information on this wonderful little project!

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South Philadelphia Restaurants Reign Top 50

Top 50 restaurants

Philadelphia Magazine just released their Top 50 Restaurants in the city. Some of the favorites, including the top spot, are found in South Philadelphia. The list has been known to create some controversy, purposely-favoring newer spots over the older and tried but true. Philadelphia Magazine Editor in Chief Tom McGrath admits that this may be true writing:

”I’ve occasionally heard criticism that our lists skew towards newer places, ignoring some great restaurants that have been around for years. I’ve never done the math but I suspect there is some truth in that – if only because part of what we give credit for is how current a restaurant is when it comes to food trends, and how it’s pushed Philadelphia’s food scene forward.”

With nine of the top ten restaurants being in Washington Square and South Philly, we can conclude that our zip codes are where the food scene in Philadelphia is flocking. When reading the addresses, the words South and Passyunk continue to pop up. Passyunk Avenue has become a true foodie’s destination, lined with superb gastronomical laboratories that continue to expand our culinary horizons.  Live Love Philly has listed Philadelphia Magazines Top Ten here with some shout outs to our other local favorites that made the list.

  1. Stateside – 1536 East Passyunk Avenue – 215.551.2500
  2. Marigold Kitchen
  3. Vedge – 1221 Locust Street – 215.320.7500
  4. The Farm and Fisherman – 267.987.1555
  5. Le Virtu – 1927 East Passyunk Avenue – 215.271.5626
  6. Sbraga – 440 South Broad Street – 215.735.1913
  7. Fond – 1537 South 11th Street – 215.551.5000
  8. Amis – 412 South 13th Street – 215.732.2647
  9. Vetri – 1312 Spruce Street – 215.732.3478
  10. Bibou – 1009 South 8th Street – 215.965.8290

16. Will – 1911 East Passyunk Avenue – 215.271. 7683

23. Tashan – 777 South Broad Street – 267.687.2170

28. Jamonera – 105 South 13th Street – 215.568.1027

46. Federal Donuts – 1219 South 2nd Street – 267.687.8258

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