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South Philadelphia Restaurants Reign Top 50

Top 50 restaurants

Philadelphia Magazine just released their Top 50 Restaurants in the city. Some of the favorites, including the top spot, are found in South Philadelphia. The list has been known to create some controversy, purposely-favoring newer spots over the older and tried but true. Philadelphia Magazine Editor in Chief Tom McGrath admits that this may be true writing:

”I’ve occasionally heard criticism that our lists skew towards newer places, ignoring some great restaurants that have been around for years. I’ve never done the math but I suspect there is some truth in that – if only because part of what we give credit for is how current a restaurant is when it comes to food trends, and how it’s pushed Philadelphia’s food scene forward.”

With nine of the top ten restaurants being in Washington Square and South Philly, we can conclude that our zip codes are where the food scene in Philadelphia is flocking. When reading the addresses, the words South and Passyunk continue to pop up. Passyunk Avenue has become a true foodie’s destination, lined with superb gastronomical laboratories that continue to expand our culinary horizons.  Live Love Philly has listed Philadelphia Magazines Top Ten here with some shout outs to our other local favorites that made the list.

  1. Stateside – 1536 East Passyunk Avenue – 215.551.2500
  2. Marigold Kitchen
  3. Vedge – 1221 Locust Street – 215.320.7500
  4. The Farm and Fisherman – 267.987.1555
  5. Le Virtu – 1927 East Passyunk Avenue – 215.271.5626
  6. Sbraga – 440 South Broad Street – 215.735.1913
  7. Fond – 1537 South 11th Street – 215.551.5000
  8. Amis – 412 South 13th Street – 215.732.2647
  9. Vetri – 1312 Spruce Street – 215.732.3478
  10. Bibou – 1009 South 8th Street – 215.965.8290

16. Will – 1911 East Passyunk Avenue – 215.271. 7683

23. Tashan – 777 South Broad Street – 267.687.2170

28. Jamonera – 105 South 13th Street – 215.568.1027

46. Federal Donuts – 1219 South 2nd Street – 267.687.8258

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